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Left to right: Connie Drexler, Heather Holly-Pinnow, Sue Neitzel, Wendy Potratz, Beth Heuer, Rosie Mathers

In 2014, a team of women came together to discuss common interests and goals in supporting our local community in the greater Oshkosh area.  We decided to create an organization that makes an immediate and significant impact on our community while building relationships among women, from all walks of life and financial backgrounds.  


As individuals it is difficult to make a very large impact, but as a group we believe we have the ability to contribute to the meaningful and significant growth of our community in ways that we never before thought possible.  


There is strength in numbers and we are looking for one hundred or more women interested in making an immediate and significant impact on our greater Oshkosh area community. We partner with the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation to create a Giving Circle that will continue to propel us into the future.

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